Which bath resurfacing service is best for your bath?

Which bath resurfacing process is best for you?


We have two levels of bath resurfacing which are the 4* service and the 5* service. Please find listed below an indepth description of each process to help you decide which level of service would be best for your bath. If in doubt please call us to discuss further.


4* Process

This process is the standard application which can be used on baths which have become slightly worn due to age, lightly chipped or are just looking a tad tired. The bath is completely cleaned, and ground down to provide a good key, any imperfections are filled and the bath is then ready to be coated. 90% of bath resurfacing is in the preparation of the surface prior to application, if the bath is not prepared properly then this will not provide a good key for the new coating. When the bath is fully prepared the operator will then coat the bath with a 2 part epoxy resin, normally 2-3 coats depending on the severity of the bath. The bath is then back in commission within 24 hours.


5* Process

This process is used on baths that have been damaged by cleaning chemicals, severely chipped and damaged or have just been left outside in the elements for any length of time, or if you just want added durability. Initially the same as the above but prior to the top coats being applied a layer of undercoat is used to give extra durability and provide a base coat for the top coats. This process is particularly used for baths which have been chemically damaged as the product used on the bath can eat into the surface of the original enamel and stay within the surface causing problems in the future, the application of the undercoat prevents this from happening.



We do not carry colours as standard, if you require a colour we are happy to match your samples sent to us although this does incur a surcharge as we have to obtain the colour from our supplier.